Since 1989, we have designed and developed lines of software products for assisting music composing and arranging, based on our patented technologies.

In addition, we have been developing software programs on various OS platforms including iOS, Macintosh OS, Unix, Windows and MS-DOS for more than three decades, since the time of 8 bit CPU computer for Apple II and MS-DOS PCs. Developed a number of software programs for companies including major telecommunication firms, medical institutions, TV networks and musical instrument manufacturers.

In the Beginning

Musicians and engineers formed a group in Cambridge/MA in the middle 80's, seeking for realistic music composition assisted by software technology. Microworks was then incorporated in 1993.
Our First Proprietary Product

After several years of research and experiment, CAMPS v0.9 was developed on Macintosh, introduced in 1989 and circulated worldwide through CompuServe, the first public online network long before AOL.
At Macworld Expo.

CAMPS v2.0 beta version was introduced at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco/CA in January 1994. Associated with leading artists including Todd Rundgren (Rock legend), Al Kooper (original Bob Dylan group) and Craig Anderton (E.Q. magazine).
In Tokyo

To expand our global market, CAMPS v2.0 was introduced at the Macworld Expo in Tokyo/Japan in February 1994, being recognized by video productions, distributors, press, game industries, musicians and musical instrument firms.
Across the World

CAMPS v2.0 was introduced at the Macworld Expo in Boston/MA in August 1994 resulting in worldwide distribution from Europe, Asia, Australia, through North and South America. Reviewed by an Emmy Awarded recording engineer Jay Rose on D.V. magazine.
Working with Artists

At the A.E.S. (Audio Engineering Society) show in San Francisco/CA in November 1994, a 10 time Grammy Awarded Jazz legend, Herbie Hancock, commented, "I've been waiting for someone someday creates something like this"
In Hollywood

A.F.I. (American Film Institute) presented a workshop introducing CAMPS in their curriculum in North Hollywood/CA in November 1994. This educational workshop was directed by a renowned Technical Adviser, Screenwriter, Associate Producer, Co-founder of the AFI Media Lab; *Michael Backes.

*Michael Backes: Associated with films such as Rising Sun, Congo, Abyss, Total Recall, Fly 2, Terminator 2, Disclosure, Jurassic Park, Spider Man 2, etc.

CAMPS v3.1 was introduced at the NAMM in Anaheim/CA in January 1996. Reviewed on major magazines including Electronic Musician magazine.
Continue to work with Artists

At the Macworld Expo in San Francisco/CA in January 1995, Thomas Dolby (Tech Pop Artist) and Todd Rundgren collaborated in sharing ideas with us.
A Recipe Site with organic ingredients

Introduced a Japanese recipe site in 2002. Taste of Zen is a one of a kind site introducing authentic Japanese cooking recipes using only ORGANIC ingredients.
Melody Analyzer

A Flash App., Melody Analyzer was introduced in 2007. It instantly analyzes the input Notes and detects appropriate Chords.
Introducing Apps for iDevices

Introducing Apps for Apple's popular iPod, iPhone and iPad in 2012; AD Rudiments and AD Ritual.
A Breakthrough App. for Music Production/Education

Introduced in 2014, VoicingMaster is a powerful one-of-a-kind iPad App. that allows you to instantly go through and try out virtually all the usable Chords from all Keys for a single Melody Note of your input, in your choice of Voicing setups.

AD Ritual

AD Rudiments

Taste of Zen

Voicing Master

AD Coordination