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AD Ritual for Advanced Drummers

If you are familiar with all the Rudiments in AD Rudiments, then you may need to check out AD Ritual. In AD Ritual, Alan puts all these Rudiments together in a way forming Rudimental Phrases and demonstrates them all the way with no break. More Info.
AD Rudiments going strong !!!

Since its introduction in September, 2012, we are pleased to inform you that we have experienced daily downloads of AD Rudiments, literally from across the world. We thank you. We believe this record proves Alan's legacy on Drum Lesson has been recognized here again and hopefully stay this way for years to come. More Info.

An online archive of Drum Lessons that have been passed on by the legendary drummer/instructor, Alan Dawson. More Info.
Melody Analyzer

Melody Analyzer quickly analyzes Notes you input, detects appropriate Chords, and harmonizes each of them. No additional device is required. Runs on any OS with Flash Player 7 or later. More Info.

Clap your hands, tap on your desk, and/or stomp with your feet before your PC, Mac or PDA. iGotGroove is a one-of-a-kind software program that instantly transforms you into a musician with real-time improvisation. More Info.

CAMPS(Computer Assisted Music Processing System) is a one of its kind program on the market that actually analyzes a given melody line using musical intelligence based on our patented technologies which, unlike other programs, does NOT depend on pre-stored massive melody database. More Info.
Programming in Flash

Prior to iPhone, Macomedia's/now Adobe's Flash was one of a few universal platforms that allowed programming across different web browsers over different OS's. It's a programmable environment with powerful multi-media capabilities. Involved with it since 2006.

AD Ritual

AD Rudiments

Taste of Zen

Voicing Master

AD Coordination